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Āgneyism appears to be the proper term for our faith as it is emerging from within Buddhism, from within Christianity. This is the official web site for our local Āgneya faith. I am, within this three-dimensional universe, Agni, priest of the gods, also known to its second level as being the Buddha, also known to its third level as being its Christ who was Jesus.

Christianity is for them who need salvation. Buddhism is for those who are open to awakening. Āgneyism is for those of us who like becoming self-enablers.

Our present level of Āgneyism is very truly Buddhist, and low level Buddhist. Our primary Āgneya goddesses, Svāhā, Svadhā, and Āgneyī are Tārā, Māyādevī, and Kuan Yin, Christianity also being the Three Marys: Mary Magdalene, Mary Salōmē, and Mary, mother of Jesus.